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How To Get Fish Bone Out Of Throat With Peanut Butter
I know it sounds strange, but the peanut butter was sticky and it pulled the fish bone out of my throat. All better now.
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how to turn up your hot water heater
I learned it myself... looky there. :) ain't I smart? I am told to turn the bottom one up also. Not sure why, but smarter people tell me to put it on here, so here ya go.
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Husqvarna YTH20K46 backfiring issue
Time to do an oil change. I'm having backfire issues. It appears to be trash in the fuel filter.... took it off, cleaned it, and it stopped. Also red the manual (yes, several years later) and it said to let it run with the idle down for 45 seconds to keep from backfiring. Done and done.
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2013 Dodge Ram Tailgate Won't Close
Thanks to the fella at the Dodge place showing me how to close it.
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Shipping Bolts Out Of Washing Machine Now
There you go.... sometimes it's best to read the directions. You never know when the important tip is just #2. Learn from my mistakes! Thanks for watching. This is the last of this series of videos involving the washing machine for now. We went on a cruise for the week so those videos are next. Stay tuned!
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NCL Pride of America Hawaii Suite 10008
We saved and paid for our vacation before it began. The plan was to fly straight from Atlanta to Hawaii, spend the night, then get on a cruise ship for 7 days to see 4 of the islands. Deloris planned excursions at every stop including rainforest hikes with waterfall swimming, zip lining, watching a sunrise from atop a 10,000 foot crater and biking down it, a luau, surfing lessons, and a helicopter tour of one of the islands. Epic doesn't describe it all. What a great way for us to celebrate 10 years of marriage. Awesome!
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Southeastern's Mighty Mite
This is pretty cool. My wife works for Southeastern in sales, and their terminal had a 60th anniversary today. Everyone was there, even the owner of the company came to visit. Lots of employees, customers, and families came to celebrate.
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How to fix running toilet
funny, all it needed was a new bulb. My wife likes those chlorine tabs cause they make the water smell good when you flush, but they eat the rubber that the bulb is made of.
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Family Ocean View Cabin Freedom of the Seas Room 9500
Awesome room!! Very big!! We took this cruise 2 weeks ago, but I didn't have time to post a video... here we go. Thank Ran Cohen for the correction on the title.... I was ill-informed.
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Larry's Rat Rods
Got to see these at Owls Head transportation car show, then later we got to visit his shop
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I Reattached Vinyl Shutters To Brick House Using Liquid Silicone
I used a tube of silicone, just some waterproof stuff that I could squeeze out. I put the tabs back in the holes and squirted silicone in the holes. It will bond and hold now.
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2002 Honda Accord Power Steering leak fix
We got lucky, it appears that it was only a bad clamp on the bottom hose of the power steering pump. Everything else appears to be fine.
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Taking luggage rails off top of Toyota Rav 4
Dan said that taking those center rails off the luggage rack is going to cut down on wind noise. So here's how we did it.
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Royal Caribbean Junior Suite 7242 Oasis Of The Seas Walk Through
This is a beautiful room on this ship. This is the second time we've been on the Oasis Of The Seas. This room was close enough to the elevators that we had a short walk, but far enough that it was quiet without a bunch of traffic going by our room at all hours. The only complaint I had was the room only had 3 outlets. Two by the mirror in front of the bed, and one on the window side of the bed at the bottom. I wish we had brought a power cord. We had phones, cameras, laptop, lighted make-up mirror, flat iron, blow dryer, and Bose speaker for a sound app to hep us sleep. Plug management was a thing... I get that it's first world problems, but I can't be the only one who has this complaint.
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Cooking a Boston Butt on Char Broil Big Easy 3 in 1 Grill
This turned out FANTASTIC!!!!
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Visiting mustie1 (Darren) to get a VW with rpeek (Dad)
This was a good trip, met an amazing guy and picked up a VW while we were there
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Sketcher work boots
I lost the original video, so this is a make up one.
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2013 Dodge Ram 3rd Year Review
I had a request from some fellow YouTube'ers asking for a review of my 2013 Dodge Ram.... so this is for you guys and gals.
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Installing a trailer hitch on a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 1 of 4
do it yourself install 1 of 4
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Moen Eva bathroom dual handle faucet fixed
Check them out www.moen.com or at 1-800-BUY-MOEN. I'm not paid by them, I'm just a regular guy who had to fix this sink. I'm so happy with the customer service I received that I wanted to spread the word. I'm so happy this worked. Thanks Moen for making a great product and standing behind it!
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Making Cream Cheese Bisquick Sausage Balls
These were creamy and delicious! I like the hot sausage ones more than the maple ones. The maple sausage is sweet, and the hot is not as hot as you'd think.
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Aria hotel corner suite Las Vegas
We got to celebrate my 40th birthday with a trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Aria hotel, saw a Cirque De Sole' show Beatles Love, drove a rental car to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and spent a day at Hoover Dam, took a night time bus tour of the strip including Freemont St, and took a helicopter tour to the west rim of the Grand canyon. It was awesome. We took tons of photos and videos, I have a lot to sort through.
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Resetting Change Oil Light On 2013 Dodge Ram
I did one of these videos a while back, but it's been a while. I figured while I was doing a video on changing the oil, I might as well do one on resetting the oil change light.
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Installing a ceiling in a shop
Helping to put up plyboards and support braces for a ceiling inside a shed/shop for my stepbrother Micheal and his soon to be wife Amber. Amber's a professional photographer and this is going to be her shop for portraits.
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Putting new belt on 2003 Buick LeSabre
While Sam was here visiting Deloris he needed a second hand to replace his Serpentine belt in the car he was driving. Not too hard to do if you follow the instructions.
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2013 Dodge Ram install side step part2
This is the back assembly and putting the rails on, notice my right eye has dried blood under it, I let the ratchet slide back and it cracked me under the eye, broke the skin, and I was bleeding. Didn't notice it till I came inside. Was bloody, and now it looks like I have a bit of a black eye. dang.
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Found A Generator While Hurricane Irma Approaches United States
I'm super happy we found a generator before the storm comes this way. Last October we were brushed by hurricane Matthew here in South Carolina and were without power for a bit. We got lucky at our house, but many others were not so lucky. This hurricane is much more powerful. Today is Wednesday 9-6-2017 and Irma is a category 5 hurricane. We are running around getting supplies and trying to be as prepared as we can be. Please pray for everyone in the path of Irma.
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OTA Antenna 150 Mile Range Free HD Quality TV
I bought this antenna from Walmart for $59. It works great. I haven't mounted it on a pole as of today, but I'm going to figure out where to put it soon. Today is September 8th 2018. I was able to watch USC Gamecocks vs Georgia Bulldogs on CBS today in HD quality for free. That's what I wanted. I may in the future try out Sling but for now that as the only game I wanted to see on television. I'm super happy with it as of right now.
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Spray staining back deck
I stained this back deck shortly after we moved in here. My wife Deloris helped me hand brush this thing and it took us 2 days. It sucked. Well it's been a while and it's faded to the point that I have to restain it. I bought a $20 electric spray gun at Harbor Freight and sprayed it today. Probably took less than 20 minutes total to spray it. Turned out great!
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How to fix broken tailgate latch on Toyota Sienna
Easy fix to a common problem.
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Homewood Suites Port Canaveral Florida Room 632
This was a great room. :)
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New 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab Part 3
Playing with the air ride suspension, raises and lowers several inches, big difference. Hold on to your hats, this is a wild ride. :)
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How to sew king sized pillow cases to fit regular sized pillows
This was fairly easy with a sewing machine. I don't recommend doing it without one, but it can be done by hand, it just takes much longer and the thread may come out after washing a few times. With the sewing machine it took only a minute of running the machine across. By hand it would probably take 10 minutes or more per case.
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The Element at Times Square New York
The Element was a great hotel. The bed was the most comfortable we've had at a hotel. I liked the location, the free breakfast, the cleanliness, and the kitchen area. The only area you need to be concerned with is the wait time for elevators. 40 floors and many people sharing them. Also, stay as high up as possible, as the streets are often busy with sirens. The Police, Ambulances, and Fire trucks are very busy, and we heard sirens every 15 minutes at least. We stayed on the 15th floor, and with a sound machine app on our phone, we slept sound.
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Floor it in the AMC Rambler
Love it when the pedal hits the metal.
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John Deere 6410 repair
Full of sparks, fire, and destruction! :)
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Room 523 Hyatt Regency Peach Tree Street Atlanta Walking Distance To Tabernacle
This was a nice hotel. Walking distance to the Tabernacle.
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$40 Rustoleum paint job
using a cheap $15 hvlp gun from harbor freight, just mix 1 to 1 with mineral spirits, only needed one quart of this gallon I bought. Could have gotten the quart for $9 at Walmart.
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growing vertical garden - cuccumbers
look at those yummy cuccumbers grow!!
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Shortcut Stroganoff
Got this recipe from Campbell's cookbook. It's awesome! We've cooked dozens of recipes in here and they've all been awesome!
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I put felt pads under the kitchen chairs
The chairs slide great now.
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Pressure Washing with Troy Bilt Honda
second attempt at posting.. Thanks to Dan Hopla for letting us borrow your pressure washer. :)
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49cc Chinese Moped won't start fixed
I had a time getting this thing going. Started by taking out the basin, pulling the spark plug and replacing it. I sprayed ether in the carb and intake trying to get it to start. Charged the battery. Cleaned the carbs. Put it all back together, adjusted the throttle and started while hooked up the charger, then it fired up. Boom. Not exactly sure which of these things fixed the problem, but I started with the fire, moved to the fuel, then to the air.... the 3 things you need to fire the motor. It still gave me trouble, which is why I started thinking something was stuck in the carb. My dad (rpeek) on YouTube, helped me work it out over the phone. Thanks Dad.
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Snow in Florence South Carolina
Walked outside to see what it looked like. Sure is pretty....and freezing cold. Couldn't stand it more than about 20 minutes. Came in and stood in front of the fireplace.
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New Bolens Weed Eater, First Pull
This thing was only $69 at Lowe's. It worked great. No one is sponsoring me, or anything like that, I'm just sharing info of my purchase.
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Installing a trailer hitch on a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 3 of 4
do it yourself install 3 of 4
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Rustoleum Primer on the AMC Rambler
doing it myself on a shoestring budget... in steps... here's step 1
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How to Rotate Tires on my 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab
Nice day. Cut grass, changed oil, and rotated tires... while rotating, I realized it'd be nice to clean the wheels.
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Smoked Turkey In Charbroil Big Easy 3 in 1
This was so easy!! I had this on the camera and had forgotten I had filmed it, so this is a lost episode of sorts. I filmed this on July 22 of 2017, so for what it's worth, enjoy. I used my iGrill bluetooth thermometer to help me cook this turkey in the Charbroil 3-in-1 Big Easy Smoker, cooker, grill. This was so easy and delicious. Enjoy. Thanks for watching.
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Boston Butt Prep for Smoking on the Char Broil 3 in 1 Big Easy Grill
This is showing our prep work, we got it ready and put it in the fridge to sit over night and glaze over for cooking the next day. The next video is of us cooking it. You have to try this, it is delicious!
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