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The Thought of Sleep
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2019)
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Running You
Original song written by Ian Klausing 2017
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Saturday Night - The Misfits- Cover by Ian Klausing.
Yes I know, the new Misfits without Glen suck, this is the only Graves era misfits song I like and it's Saturday so fuck it.
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Speak in Lonliness
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2013)
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EHX MIG 50 demo and first impressions(Electro harmonix hit it out of the park!)
I needed a loud head for my band, gigging, recording etc...First I went with the Marshall Origin series 50 watt all tube head and loved the tones it produced however, after one full use, (about an hour and a half of playing at band volume) one of the power tubes blew. No biggie I thought, guitar center has a pretty fair return policy so I took it back, explaining that this must've been a fluke and I'd like a replacement, which they did without question. (Even got me free 2 day shipping direct from Marshall) So I happily took the new head, brand spanking new in the box to band practice, plugged it in a Marshall 4x12 cab and immediately the amp began cracking and popping the same as it did when one of the power tubes went out in the previous floor model....soooo, I went back to the drawing board and at this point was about a minute away from just saying screw it and getting the Orange CR120 head as I'd seen rave reviews on it, despite it bu.ming me out that I'd have to, in my eyes, do the walk of shame showing up for practice with a solid state amp instead of my preferred method of being loud by cooking vacuum tubes. I decided to just take a peek at the preowned section and I immediately took notice of the compact sized all tube head branded with the Electro Harmonix logo...I was confused as I'd never even heard of an EHX amp, I knew their pedal game was on point, but I did have the knowledge of their hand in the Russian brands of Vacuum tubes and that peaked my interest even more...long story short, my regular salesperson at guitar center gave me the lowdown on this particular amp and after a few minutes and a half dozen types of guitars plugged into it, I was sold. On sheer volume alone. The tones were very crisp and clear through the 4x12 I was testing it through and I decided this would be a good bet. I'm so glad I chose this over the CR120, not that the Orange is a bad amp by any means, but I believe I found a gem that as luck would have it, had just been traded in right before I arrived. Must've been meant to be. Anyway, for this demo I'm running the head through a 1x12 Celestion Vintage 30 housed in my blues junior as my 4x12 is in the band room. First guitar is a butterscotch Fender 52 Telecaster, second is a surf green 57 Fender Stratocaster, and lastly is a 59 Gibson Les Paul Standard. All reissues obviously, I'm not a millionaire. I might give a more in depth review after I've really put it through its paces and get the tubes cooking but I think this is an outstanding, no bullshit, robust and tonally sweet sounding rig and would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone looking for an obscenely loud and clean pedal platform.
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Keeping my Distance
Original song written by Ian Klausing (5-19) I'm hearing sounds from a conversation, and little pieces of information, echoing down the Halls. More concrete walls. I never cared what the voices were saying, I'm out of bed but I wish I were laying right here next to you, not by myself in this room. But future's history that's been repeated, so many times that we've been defeated. Here We Go Again gave up before it begins. (CH)- but I don't care what the right thing is to do any more.. because I've been living everyone else's lives and now I'm bored.. now it's written on your face, the scars and wounds of my mistakes, my tracks cannot be retraced, and I'll disappear... (V2)-- and I don't mean to be so resistant, I'm gifted at the art of keeping my distance, but God I want so dear to have some distance from my fears. now every night's grown a little bit longer but every day I grow a bit stronger, and I've been wondering where you've been, I wish I could just let you in. but it's much safer in isolation I change my mind like a TV station. the channels don't come in, the signal is too thin.. (CH) Outtro
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Exploit and parade
Original song written by ian Klausing
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Come and take it
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2018)
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57 stratocaster reissue unboxing!!!!
My new baby came in! I'm the first person to touch this beauty!!
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57 strat first look, unboxing, reveal. My beautiful new baby!!!
57 reissue stratocaster. Best. guitar. Ever.
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A Perfect Doubt
Original song written by Ian Klausing.
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Original song by Ian Klausing
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To the Ground
Original song written by Ian Klausing ((2018) "Bring us your huddled masses, asphixiate in plastic, we watch on the 10 o clock news. Parental guidance plastered, discretion for disaster, another power to abuse. A flag in one hand, this land's not your land, songs about theft and genocide. Littered streets hide, the poverty inside, patriotic national pride (CH) - Maladjusted, I'm disgusted, liberty's rusted, crumbled without a sound. We're mistrusted, misconducted, we've combusted, let it burn to the ground, to the ground. (V)- Carve faces into mountains, destroy all our surroundings, you build your walls and run and hide. If half the world's misguided, we stand a house divided, no wonder we're all terrified. A gun in one hand, whether you kneel or stand, you're gonna get it just the same. The people you blame, the choice has now became, forced entry right into their game, right into their game, right into their game. (CH) (Outtro)- we're addicted, so vendictive, been restricted, cannot breathe it's not allowed. Now we're factored, and so backward, been distracted, let it burn to the ground. Let it burn to the ground, let it burn to the ground to the ground.
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Standing Rock
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2017) "As rivers turn to flame, for what cause do you sign your name? Ink your pens and load your guns, drill it deep and choke the sun. No shame in everything we take, holding dear what you forsake. The world is raked with battle scars, but at least we have our cars. New for 2017, iron lungs and gasoline. When Standing Rock's turned into dust, will it satisfy your lust? Until next year's great crusade, more apple pie and lemonade... But how will we, how can we, find iur way home? Don't you wonder will it ever be enough? Ignore the screams and whispers. Oh retail, tell us that we need more fucking stuff, distract us from these abstract pictures. One more I swear tk god it'll be enough, keep us from our own abandon. Just one more, it has to be enough, until you're the last kne standing... Till blue skies are memory, and synthetic grass breaks up concrete. Designer gasmasks, chemical hoods, 'breathing has never looked so good!' Gourmet coffee, now sourced from, 100% petroleum. Sip it up, try to hold it down, you scream but you're not making a sound. Buy water as seen on TV, remember tk drink responsibly. Go see a doctor, you look depressed, numb it out and get some rest. When tomorrow is dead and gone, you beg the world to bring you along...
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Life Story pt.1
Original song written by Ian Klausing
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Let Thought
Original song written by Ian Klausing(2007) "Death is the only thing that we have guaranteed. The rest is here say and we don't know what we really need. Where are all your facts and knowledge gonna take you anyway? No one ends up anywhere except to their grave. (CH)- But I will let go of all things that bring me down. I don't wanna know, all the things you do about this town. You'll try not to show, and you're not letting go or letting thought. You oughta know your fucking happiness can't be bought. (V)- Your words weigh less than a feather in my hand. I'm done trying to explain it 'cause you won't understand. Just sit there, staring across the room at me...you might be looking but you know that you'll never see... (CH)
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Hole in your Heart
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2018) "Let me get some sleep. Or somewhere to lay, or something to keep. Say just what you mean. Don't worry about me, don't be too scared to breath. My eyes fixate on clock. My legs still don't know just which way to walk. These days keep turning to nights. These words only start, knockdow drag out fights. (CH) So lower me down in the cold hard ground. Keep me around in that hole in your heart where I cant be found anymore cause I'm lost without making a sound. (V)- I just don't see the use, stricken from her love under his abuse. And you once brought me relief, I knew peace before, but I bring you grief. My hands held on too tight, you slipped through like sand, out of mind out of sight. When words mean nothing no more, I lost the battle, hell, I lost the whole war.."
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Jam in B minor
Guess who discovered backing tracks? They're kind of corny but are a lot of fun and let me just go nuts and let the Tele scream away lol
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Where You've Been
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2017) wake up with weights of worlds on your shoulders, confess your dying secrets in the dark. let go your truth and worries in the pre light of the morning let go self-sacrificing prophecies, oh let go self-sacrificing prophecies. just know that you've been put here for a reason, a purpose maybe not always so plain, but a purpose none the less as it puts you to the test. a never-ending struggle of your will, oh a never-ending struggle of your will. it's not courage to step over your boundaries it's harder to admit to where you've been, to backtrack through the wrong, on a list that's growing long, an archive of your tattered history oh an archive of your tattered history. when shadows in the moonlight show their face, like stigmas from a faded past mistake. it's not hard to reconcile with an unconvincing smile, take back the life you forfeit without grief. oh take back the life you forfeit without grief
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On my Mind
Original song written by Ian Klausing 2019
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Televised Greed
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2009) "Ain't got no use for, that shit you adore, I'm not gonna play it up for a percent. Ain't selling out with, some shitty profit. You'd kill all week for Sure repent. (CH)- Cause your belief is money and televised greed, why don't you wake up? Look outside to see. (V) So I put up my hood and, keep on a-walking, the side of the road that I belong. After so many rocks kicked, into oncoming traffic, the lines grow far the cracks grow long... (CH) (V) A church every block and, crosses to stock them, full of the weekend self assured. The masses hear the, sermon to fear me, stupidity that can't be cured. (CH)
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Heroin (cover)
My cover an attempt to do justice to the song "Heroin" by Badflower. This was one of the hardest songs to cover and to get a mildly decent take of, let me put it like this, I began the process of learning the chord progression and a vague understanding of the riffs, melody and not to mention the awesome lyrics at around midnight...its 4:35 in the morning. So it literally took me all night to get a take that even sounded like the song. Super fun song to play but surprisingly difficult!
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Still Exist
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2017) I can't subscribe to this, some form of crucifix falling down, in your own prison cell. And how can these sands of time, just slip through these hands of mine? Crumbling, as far as I can tell. Well these feet haven't failed me yet, give me just one more step. Pull me through. Go ahead and place your bets. (CH) You'll never convince me it's hopeless or to just give it a rest, cause I know in my heart there's a reason I still exist. (V) I never got very far, I lost all i had but my arrogance, and a beat up guitar. So say what you wanna say, tell me to turn away, I'm not broke yet. So thanks but I think I'll stay. Cause there's much more to see and do, more pain I must fight through, cause it's when I quit, yeah THAT'S when I'll lose. (CH)
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Rising Sun
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2012) "You cannot explain the autonomous division. Swipe a credit card and fight terrorism. While bankruptcy is filed on your infant child, umbilical television. The whites show of your eyes, bloodshot and sterilized. Your epitaph reads, "overdrafts and financial capsize." Now you're under the gun, but the faster you run, nightmares catch up to the rising sun. And the dreams that you chase, cannot erase, or delete what's done. Your vision's blurry now. Your checkbook will not allow, routing numbers that put you so far underground. The whites show of your eyes, bloodshot and sterilized. Your epitaph reads, "overdrafts and financial capsize."
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Spring grove
Tried to make the timing okay
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Gamble (Cover)
Cover of Propagandhi's cover of Gamble - written by Lowest of the Low (LOL!)
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Original song by Ian Klausing "Well now, don't you worry cause if you fall you'll end up, exactly where you're supposed to be. Well, I fell so many times to find the choice was never mine, for what I want is never close to what I need. And I used to worry that if I tried I would fail, impending failure led the way... But all luck runs out beyond the shadow of a doubt but good or bad nothing ever goes unchanged. (CH) Don't tempt me with sensation, as if I've never felt something before. And I sought isolation, taking cover behind a twice locked bedroom door. Don't tease me with starvation, from the things that kill me each and every day. And don't threaten with salvation, when I know I've already been saved. (Verse) So I kicked out at the world with a fierce sense of self, bad luck popped off like machine guns... The world kicked back, well, real fucking hard, it was the war that I never could have won. And the biggest rival to my self survival, unending hunger and so cold, I thought I'd done my best with no pulse in my chest, but I needed a new heartbeat in my soul." (CH)
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Letting Thought
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Six Feet
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The bottom of Me
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April 11, 2019
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Sleepwalk (take 2 lol)
My cover of "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny 1959
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Morning Coffee Blues
A little Hallows morn blues jam featuring Stephanie Strat, (tobacco burst) Suzie Strat, (Woodgrain slide) and Tiffany Tele boxing it all up at the end. Enjoy? Lol
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Just messin
Just my sexy 57 strat doing its thing.
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Standing Still
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2018)
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Manifest Destiny
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Spring Grove
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2009)
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New (old) '64 Stratocaster demo
Just picked up a nice vintage strat. I'm normally not a rosewood fingerboard kind of guy, but I'm definitely warming up to them, and this one is an exceptionally nice example being that it's vintage and it's actual real rosewood.
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Meeting you There
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2018)
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Remain Calm
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2019) Lyrics- patiently, methodically, see the world through your TV Manipulated, reassured, Stockholm syndrome lines are moored. Conquer first and then divide, commercializing genocide. The gears that turn the death machine, for heroin and gasoline. CH)- Let it go cause thinking hurts. Let your mind remain inert. Praise the lord of disrespect. Don't you dare stick out your neck *Get in step and get in line, front row seats for the decline.* V)- Pray to wolves that wear sheep skin, Like a gun without a firing pin. Hope's and dreams decay and rust, Shut down thought "in god we trust". Servile cowards on your knees, Propaganda sells disease Abandon reason, remain calm, we drop our IQs while they drop bombs. Words on walls, lines in sand, a house United no longer stands. How easily you took the bait, and oh how quickly it degenerates.
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My Remains
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2007)
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Original song written by Ian Klausing (2013) Like the boats that go rolling by, I see my life floating on empty skies. So it won't be too long till the clouds come back again and I ask, will you be there till the end? Your gentle touch, your tender eyes wandering through my soul and right back out again. It's too long of a time and I've broken all that is mine so I feel I must replace all that is fine. (CH) But it's too hard to see the light reflecting from your candle soaked eyes. Oh but I know that it shows one thing for certain, I cannot let go or say goodbye to words we've spoken and all the tears we both tried to hide. (V) Silence breaks the awkward noise that we make. The crushing weight of broke down barricades. I see you walking away from all that kept you safe as I remember, remember the way your words taste. To understand, to truly convey, the honesty of the bonds we've made. And it's all drifting, like the sands of time, we let slip right through our hands. It's all drifting like the boats that keep rolling by.
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The Bottom of Me
Original song written by Ian Klausing (2018) "Something just ain't right this time, I've used up every word and every line. I'm running my mouth just to hear other sounds, than the voice in my head that's too fucking loud. Like walking around in a bad neighborhood, I'm too paranoid and I'm up to no good. A measure of doubt, a scene to act out, rehearsed monologues but what's this all about? Everytime I had a good grip, the poison seeps in and then flows from my lips. I'm working out all the math in my mind, but static equations are all that I find. No confidence but a sick sense of pride, everything else swept away with the tide. Don't know what I want don't know what I need, but I know what I mean from the bottom of me. Let's make this one good let's make this one real, let's make this all up, the things you could never feel. You're bleeding me out, I'm breathing you in, the laws of physics broke by physical sin. See beauty resides not only skin deep, yet the ugliness waits until I'm fast asleep. The things that we say, the games that we play, these feelings of doubt will never go away.."
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Even in Dreams
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