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At Jungle Queen
I got really scared
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4 hour drive to Tampa
I gonna do a weekly vlog and today is Monday!!! Ima do a vlog today so sub if you want to see them!! Love yall!! (And my number one fan °~_name_~°)
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Toca Boca City/Farm Part 1😁
Recorded by Recorder-Screen Recorder, Video Editor Its A Awesome Screen Recorder (Just Don't Pause It To Much😅)
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Royale High Role play! Ep 1
Hey guys! Sorry i haven't posted in a long time.. I thought about quiting but im not! Also i list my phone for a longgg time so thats also why i got a new one yesterday! Make sure to like,comment,and subscribe to my channel it would really help me! Bye!!
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Warhead challenge(my bff lost)
Don't try this at home it is gross (she isn't my bff anymore she said she wanna hang with other people...i hope she sees this...)
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