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Текстовые комментарии (41157)
SupremeTrey (45 минут назад)
I’m Team Ty
Juan Solis (1 час назад)
I’m team COBY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super MARIO Alfie (4 часа назад)
I’m team Ty
wátèrś is cracked Dad (5 часов назад)
I thought if u make the 8 ball u lose
Gamer Girl2018 (8 часов назад)
Cody: If I lose I’m gonna shave the bears. Me: *secretly wishes him to lose*
Anthony (8 часов назад)
Τeam TY
antonio soriano (13 часов назад)
I'm watching right now
antonio soriano (13 часов назад)
Tyler didn't make his vortex throw
Jack Pennington (16 часов назад)
Coby: Aren’t baseballs supposed to go farther than tennis balls. Also Coby: Swings and doesn’t even hit the baseball.
Roza Daniel (20 часов назад)
I think I think you should do a challenge that you try and drive RC car underwater like a submarine like a summary
Antoine Moctezuma (23 часа назад)
Noe Salinas (1 день назад)
TheDerpyTyler Ridgers (1 день назад)
Who else noticed Garrett’s a leftie with soccer ball and TEAM TYLER ALL THE WAY
Zach Zippy (1 час назад)
TheDerpyTyler Ridgers agreed
Golden Player Studios (1 день назад)
Im team tyler
Aditya Sethu (1 день назад)
I have no words else
Aditya Sethu (1 день назад)
Your incredible
# DMG milky (1 день назад)
Coby for life
Mystic_ Mocha (1 день назад)
Career shot of a life time -TY
Jaren Yoshioka (1 день назад)
I don care if you made it into the water. All that matters is that YOU won!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kruise Sayre (1 день назад)
Team Garrett all the way
Levi Kabalan (1 день назад)
Team Cody
Rudra Pandya (1 день назад)
DQ stands for dude quit right
Millie O Sullivan (2 дня назад)
Garrett is purple your favourite colour
Truong Duc Hanh (2 дня назад)
Tai..sao.ty lai la mau đen ma lân truoc la mau đo
To Day (2 дня назад)
subscribe me too
Brock Ferguson (2 дня назад)
like and reply if you've been team ty WATCH BACKYARD TRICKSHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!
Brock Ferguson (2 дня назад)
like and reply if you're watching this vid. in 2019 October
oliver pastey tablet (2 дня назад)
Ayy 18th wbu
Brock Ferguson (2 дня назад)
they practiced that intro so many dang times but hey they're makin' money for it
Kandis Veretto (2 дня назад)
Aizen Roxas (3 дня назад)
Team ty
Lava kid 5000 (3 дня назад)
Tyler sukes team cobes
Thomas Telgenhoff (4 дня назад)
Team coby
SuperKirbyLogan (4 дня назад)
Published on my birthday
Stanley Brown (4 дня назад)
Team Cody
Polski Gracz (4 дня назад)
1:10 xD
Polski Gracz (4 дня назад)
Cody coby cory is this for co-helpers
Jerry (4 дня назад)
me 1:40
angelo Libaste (4 дня назад)
Josue Rodriguez (4 дня назад)
Tyler is a goat can we agree
Zac Prentice (5 дней назад)
Not all sports not cricket
Crazy Wills (5 дней назад)
8:12 tho
lucas wahlqist (5 дней назад)
Need more all sports battles
Natasha Wallace (5 дней назад)
I’m team purple hoser
Kyle Graybill (6 дней назад)
Who else is tired of ty winning
peulette Celestial (6 дней назад)
James Lichty (6 дней назад)
James Lichty (6 дней назад)
I still love you TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Collin Lynch (6 дней назад)
team ty
Abram (6 дней назад)
4:29 his throw landed on the other side
FaZe unlucky (4 дня назад)
Filipe Vasuca (6 дней назад)
Awesome show cody
JoeysOnFire (6 дней назад)
No limits!
Kanika Shukla (6 дней назад)
1:39, BEST SHOT EVER!!!!!!
Owen Hyatt (6 дней назад)
Team Tyler
Worpix GT (7 дней назад)
This is the 13th time watch this video..
wan muhammad imtiyaz (7 дней назад)
Team Coby
suhail moloo (7 дней назад)
I don’t care if he only wins once team coby for ever
Gio Thag (7 дней назад)
hooded gamer (7 дней назад)
When u use it u lose it so u should leave the carriers
x9bgood (7 дней назад)
Gente N,
Jonathan Ray (7 дней назад)
Team Gar even though he lost in this one I will always be a purple hoser fan.
Daniel Yeong (7 дней назад)
i will be in team cody for this video i guess
Lewis Faulkner (7 дней назад)
I’m team cody
Jesus Massanet diaz music (7 дней назад)
Team ty is gose a win
Yaoxiang Tan (7 дней назад)
TRFC! The_Team_For_Me! (7 дней назад)
Who’s team do you want to be in? Ty: *YES*
TRFC! The_Team_For_Me! (5 дней назад)
Sharon Kohn short for Tyler
Sharon Kohn (5 дней назад)
TRFC! The_Team_For_Me! Ty
Tasha palmer Palmer (7 дней назад)
Phillip Simpson (8 дней назад)
I'm on team Kody
Shawn 1 (8 дней назад)
Who thinks Tyler looks better with his hat? Like =yes Comment = your choice
Ryan Callahan (3 дня назад)
I prefer a topper of goat cheese, fried fettuccine, and kraft Disney princess shape Mac’n cheese on his head
SuperZ GameZ (4 дня назад)
When I first read the acronym I thought it said spaghetti
ShadowZy y (5 дней назад)
SuperZ GameZ ...🤣
SuperZ GameZ (6 дней назад)
I like chicken nuggets on his head
Battulga Javhlan (8 дней назад)
I’m team Carret
Anna Light (8 дней назад)
Teem coby
Westin Kuhns (8 дней назад)
Bob Stone (8 дней назад)
R these fake?
adixes30 (8 дней назад)
I like your guys video and my name is Xavier shaw
AUSTIN MOOTY (8 дней назад)
Team coby
Vaishali Shah (8 дней назад)
Coby and Cory are the best
Ravinder Singh (9 дней назад)
Please make video of badminton also
MuthuKumar Kannappan (9 дней назад)
Daniel Drewett (9 дней назад)
i hate cody
Bagua Gaming (9 дней назад)
Why is it that every 4/5 comments are unoriginal 9 year olds begging for likes
Green Falcon 189 (9 дней назад)
Splash bros for life
jacoblikes fortnite (9 дней назад)
team Cody
troy chen (9 дней назад)
Ty wins lool
Hong Yu Lin (9 дней назад)
can you guys make a all sports football battle
Emery Girling (9 дней назад)
1:41 me 😂
wheybig297 (9 дней назад)
Y’all look like power rangers
Ladies And Gents Cookies And Pants (9 дней назад)
8:47 i was like yea we dont talk about the other Color that makes purple
Nicholas Radano (9 дней назад)
Ty got an extra shot when garet used his soccer ball
0math12345 (8 дней назад)
They didn't show all of the shots taken.
Janne Ellison (10 дней назад)
He is the best!)
Janudin Abar (10 дней назад)
That wast the pro man
Gacha_Keara (10 дней назад)
Ya k I know I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to late and pretty much snow will say this and Ty's opinion may have changed but he's off of team Coby and what's my second favourite person on the dude perfect channel but now is my least favourite Cobe you deserve our respect
Jack Githens (10 дней назад)
team tyler
Makayla Page (10 дней назад)
ty you should have of made that vortex
Mathew Fisher (10 дней назад)
Co by is the panda each ping pong trick shots 2
Rex Luk II (10 дней назад)
Garrett: I’m the raining champ! *The raining battle is the only one he didn’t win in this series*
Andy Xu (9 дней назад)
He said reigning. Different reign.
LORD Savage (10 дней назад)
I wish I could wear a T shirt and shorts in december :/
DAVID HODEN (10 дней назад)
is it me or Ty always wins
Hayden Tucker (11 дней назад)
I want another all sports golf battle
Libby Hickman (11 дней назад)
Im on team tyler
Skand Singh (11 дней назад)
Team Coby
Gaurav Laxman (11 дней назад)
Team Cody always

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