TIK TOK MEMES that make visicks drunk 🥴🤪

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Krista Cook (1 день назад)
17:30 best one so far
Laureen mincher (1 день назад)
4:23 can you spot the angry unicorn with a ice cream horn like if you see it
Dirga Asmoro (2 дня назад)
Tryone Leishman (2 дня назад)
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that parking ticket i wish i got that
Natalie Renfro (4 дня назад)
Ok. So are the ones where the guys play the piano making anyone else uncomfortable, because i think it's backwards. The higher pitches are from the bass end, and, and, ughhhhh meh brainnnn Help if you willin plz!!
Amber lint (4 дня назад)
How Mexican mom's act 4:19
CacturneGaming (5 дней назад)
What's the song at 8:22?
TraderJoeGeorge (5 дней назад)
Donotsign (6 дней назад)
What does the couch say
weeaboo no jutsu (6 дней назад)
19:31 If i knew how to play piano...... *giorno's theme intensifies*
R K (10 дней назад)
The first and second one are amazing lol
Twilight Wolf (10 дней назад)
17:58 cats are asking where their daddy is when they see a monster with a man's body, they ask the monster who it is and it begins to approach scared they say 'be gone' then the monster runs at them almost getting two the the cats
Poly Gang (11 дней назад)
Guy: she put my name in yellow Heart’s Girl: I put his name in yellow Heart’s Guy: were your eyes at
Akisy 平和 (12 дней назад)
12:04 he copied from a youtuber named Alanzoka
Vaanya Kapoor (12 дней назад)
8:03 did the cat gag???
Jesse Grant (12 дней назад)
Gacha Queen (12 дней назад)
13:42 I knew this one would kill me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Поппи Ричард Сойер (13 дней назад)
Wats song 1:11
Sin (15 дней назад)
that catapillar getting eaten is not funny
gamer boss (18 дней назад)
3:53 lol
Drbeard (18 дней назад)
5:11 that also makes you think of everything bad you've ever done
Phoenix Fox (19 дней назад)
A guy's is the Phoenix box and this Tik-Tok is funny as hell
Ryan Martino (21 день назад)
Leothegamer -_- (21 день назад)
i would like to buy your merch but i live in one apartment and watching you on the computer store that you can
Wolzzz (21 день назад)
Ah ha ha
CMGulia (23 дня назад)
Never heard that Italian dialect like that before from the one with the fridge! LOL
Ahmed Fareed Paul (23 дня назад)
Ahmed Fareed Paul (23 дня назад)
Ahmed Fareed Paul (23 дня назад)
Nice tiktok
Davi André (23 дня назад)
12:04 roubaram do br o meme do tijolinho e ainda fizeram ruim CU
Juice Beetle (24 дня назад)
Am I the only one who is getting Michael from BMC vibes 1:08
Jake snake BUILDS (25 дней назад)
Carson Burleson (25 дней назад)
10:26 10/10 would date
Cindy Vega (26 дней назад)
I miss phineas and fern :(
Awsomekideverdudelol playz ROBLOX (26 дней назад)
4:37 he is happy nnn over lmao
Splat the Clown (26 дней назад)
KSI: comment Logan Paul: like
יהודון מגנובי (28 дней назад)
4:37 It took me a few seconds to understand
LemonBean (29 дней назад)
ツNyan (29 дней назад)
13:09 Again? Please, more respect for our Juice WRLD. He died with a seizure, seizure are not even funny.
DA Casiano (30 дней назад)
Legend_Aimer (1 месяц назад)
4:44 ich sag nur Taschentücher
ツTiimark (1 месяц назад)
Best part 4:00
Dutch Van Der Linde (1 месяц назад)
ThëDëmønCåtgløom Røbløx (1 месяц назад)
the phineas and ferb made me kinda sad because on fall / auntumn is my birthday because i have to move schools and MAH SCHOOL IS THE BEST atleast i'll get a small and very furry dog
Lila Cruz (1 месяц назад)
Ben ate horny
Elmo Time (1 месяц назад)
Me and the boys 2:27
Glowing Kirby (1 месяц назад)
Everybody gangsta until Brick starts talking
Gacha Kaiden (1 месяц назад)
2:21 what the f###
Allie Conn (1 месяц назад)
7:16 Look at the stuffed animals, this took me 3 tries
Braydon Nguyen (1 месяц назад)
12:27 lmao
King Shady (1 месяц назад)
What was the song called on 8:57? And omg ew on 19:19 😵😵😵
Ŷäŷ Łäçk Øf Šłėęp (1 месяц назад)
What was under his arm :<
Bulls_i (1 месяц назад)
Who else remembers the hot dog theme!!
Celina Nieves (1 месяц назад)
I quit my dream of skating cause I fell and twisted the nerves in my pinkie finger :)
firewolf The Minecrafter (1 месяц назад)
1:54 No ones gona talk about what ever tf it says by the damn guitar
firewolf The Minecrafter (24 дня назад)
The struggles of being half blind
_ Suddenly pinapples _ (24 дня назад)
firewolf The Minecrafter exactly iv been tryna figure it out for like 15 mins and like what does it say on his jacket and above the coke can!....ill never know because I'm partially BLIND
Saleem Dib (1 месяц назад)
this combilation is great
Cam_Loony (-ω-) zzZ (1 месяц назад)
As soon as the Phineas and Ferb theme song came on I immediately recognized it. Man I miss that show...
iCumOnLosers 69 (1 месяц назад)
I want to marry the burpy poopy girl
Pug God (1 месяц назад)
alexia _dvnn (1 месяц назад)
11:10 song ?
Farrah Batterson-Ecton (1 месяц назад)
12:30 dude same
Farrah Batterson-Ecton (1 месяц назад)
10:18 what the fuck
Farrah Batterson-Ecton (1 месяц назад)
3:29 wtf
Alan (1 месяц назад)
12:04 Tijolinho
Mixtape (1 месяц назад)
Taylor Owsiak (1 месяц назад)
8:00 I replayed that video so many times and it gets funnier every time. I can't breathe.
Blu _Random_Rozez (1 месяц назад)
18:20 where the fuck is her eyebrows
MedicMaster049 (1 месяц назад)
11:33 what does the ceiling say though?
Crash BoomPow (1 месяц назад)
Please what's the song 17:10?
Laxton Larson (1 месяц назад)
3:42 all i need to say
RobloxBaconIsCrunchy (1 месяц назад)
12:56 am I the only person who froze with them too 😂
Ray (1 месяц назад)
Hey, Visicks. I ordered a hoodie and 2 shirts from the meme apparel website, but I haven't received them after more than a month! Do you know what happened?
Oh god hel- Öbåmæ (1 месяц назад)
10:25 can anyone tell me his number😉😘
TransformingDodo (1 месяц назад)
Gaming Pro (1 месяц назад)
Tit tok Channels:exist Stardust leds: i choose you
Claire Keenan (1 месяц назад)
3:18 I’m dying
Axenxion (1 месяц назад)
7:55 someone give me a link to a video of this
ÃNGÊL WÖLFÎĒ døøds (1 месяц назад)
No seriously having a period hurts like hell like really really bad
ÃNGÊL WÖLFÎĒ døøds (1 месяц назад)
@Poop Monkey yeah. It still hurts like hell though to get cramps every two minutes
Poop Monkey (1 месяц назад)
@ÃNGÊL WÖLFÎĒ døøds then you haven't felt true pain and anguish
ÃNGÊL WÖLFÎĒ døøds (1 месяц назад)
@Poop Monkey **cough** I'm a girl... So no
Poop Monkey (1 месяц назад)
Yeah, that sucks but have you ever been kicked in the nuts?
Xero Sanity_XvX (1 месяц назад)
7:55 omg I laughed so hard!!!!!
WaRf_creator (1 месяц назад)
12:04 I think they could’ve taken the idea of that joke from sky does minecraft
TTV. magzravez (1 месяц назад)
13:08 actually had me scared...
farida habib (1 месяц назад)
11:41 You're*
Lúcio Macário Lúcio (1 месяц назад)
Sorry someone is in here right now Desculpe, alguém está aqui agora
xGacha Kittyx (1 месяц назад)
UmMmMmMmmMmMmmmMmMmmMmMMMmMM the first tik Tok looks like Freddie from I Carly shooter it
xGacha Kittyx (1 месяц назад)
Wiwey00 (1 месяц назад)
that made my day! Thanks Visicks!
Sweeny (1 месяц назад)
12:43 is my fav
Jake Paller (1 месяц назад)
R.I.P. Horney 2019-2019
Tammy Bond (1 месяц назад)
Soooo funny
Lauren Ford (1 месяц назад)
the one where the guy had a cat head and scared his cats was so damn funny
jthegreat_ 1609 (1 месяц назад)
12:06 omg 😂
hunicatz (1 месяц назад)
11:43 *_*You’re_*
max Singleton (1 месяц назад)
why can i relate to all of these
Charles Moe (1 месяц назад)
But when you have Disney+ you can watch the Phineas and Ferb movie.
Random Videos (1 месяц назад)
literally nobody: The kids at school after it snows: 3:08
Eve Rose (1 месяц назад)
15:45 Best one😂😂😂!!!
Boyo (1 месяц назад)
The lactose intolerant one, if real was just gross.
random videos (1 месяц назад)
If you think she's hot 😖😖😖😖 3:35
Nada Khaled (1 месяц назад)
11:05 song?
Awsomekideverdudelol playz ROBLOX (1 месяц назад)
Phinease and feel brings back child hood memories
herro (1 месяц назад)
11:19 reasist
Oshi Porter (1 месяц назад)
Who else saw ninja cat XD 18:02
The Dork (1 месяц назад)

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